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Easy To Play

A user can play Winmts game on the mobile by downloading the game from the website by a sign in.

Simple Login & Signup

If you are playing this game for the first time, you need to make an account by filling your personal details or else you can simply put your personal email id and password for login and get ₹50 free.

Safe & Secure Gateway

Winmts has safe platform with 100% safety& security to withdraw earned money. User can credit earned money to Paytm & Bank Account.

Refer and Earn Rewards

Refer your friends and both earn 10 rupees per refer.


Instast Withdrawal

In this game, You can Instant Withdrawal Winning in their Submitted Bank Or UPI Details.

Challenging Game

Challenge global buddies to enjoy a fulfilled game of Winmts.

Use Your Unique Strategies

Winmts is not only gameplay plaform, but also it's very strategical game that needs your game planning and master plan to play and earn lot of money.

About Ludo

WINMTS Online Ludo Game

Ludo is among the most popular board games that is played by people in their leisure time. It can be played by 2 to 4 players. The objective of Ludo is to race your four tokens from the starting point to the finishing point by rolling a dice. Ludo is similar to the game of Pachisi, which originated in India around the 6th century.

The Start

At the start of a game of Ludo, each player must place their four pieces or tokens in the starting area according to their colour. The players then take turns to throw the dice. A player must throw a 6 or 1 in order to move a coloured token out of the starting area. After that, the player can take the token forward by throwing the dice when it is their turn.

The Navigation

If the player rolls a 6 on the dice, then they can choose to bring a token out of the starting area or move the ones that are already out. The player has to be quick in deciding what to do, as the time given to make a move is limited. If a player fails to act within the given time, then the turn passes to the next player.

The Timeline

During a game of Ludo, if a player rolls a 6 or 1, they can take a new token out of the starting area or move a token that is already out. The player gets a bonus turn for every 6 rolled on the dice. However, if a player rolls 6 three consecutive times, then it is a foul. In this situation, the player forfeits their turn.

Send your opponent’s token back to its start point

If a player's token is not in a safe zone (safe zones are marked by ⚡symbol) and another player occupies that area by rolling the dice, the player's token gets 'killed' and goes back to the starting area. You can slow down your opponents by 'killing' them and subsequently sending them back to their starting area. The player who succeeds in making all their tokens cross through all opponent areas and gets them into their respective 'coloured house', wins the game.

Play online and win cash for free

Play and earn in Ludo online by competing with online players. Use the tokens provided or play for free and win real cash based on your number of wins. The higher the number of wins, the greater the cash prize won.

It’s Fun

You could easily spend hours playing Ludo game online, and winning cash prizes is an added bonus! The more you play and win, the more you could earn. You can download the Ludo game APK via the WINMTS App.

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